English for Adults




Students take a placement assessment test to determine their current understanding of English thereby ensuring proper placement in the course. Students progress through the levels to achieve their personal English goals.


Dar Al-Alson has always adopted the most up-to-date English language learning methods and curricula to insure maximum results and satisfaction.


Language Leader  gained this reputation as an international choice for most English learners and institutions.              


Language Leader is a thought-provoking course ideal for contemporary students who need communication skills for the 21st century. The course includes:

-          Topic areas that stimulate discussion and debate.

-          Clear structure and progression.

-          Solid study and writing skill syllabus.

-          Unique scenario lessons engage students in motivating and enjoyable communicative task.


      Language Leader has a wonderful selection of topics suitable for students who require mature and challenging course with the opportunity for self-study. In particular, the scenarios provide students with the chance to use language in an authentic way. 

                                                                                                                                                             University of Hamburg





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